Encore GC

Encore GC

Graphical Control for Encore/ScreenPRO-II Processors

The Encore GC (Graphical Controller) is a software program designed to control the Encore and ScreenPRO-II Video Processors as well as signal routers — without the need for external control panels. As an intuitive interface, the Encore GC simplifi es your system configuration and provides a cost effective total solution for your event requirements. The Encore GC runs on Windows® XP™, or Vista™, and provides most functions currently available from the Encore or ScreenPRO-II controllers.

Communication between the Video Processors, routers and the computer running the Encore GC is achieved through the ECU; a 19”, rack-mountable, 1-RU, Linux based unit. The ECU also interfaces with third party remote control devices such as Crestron, AMX or Medialon. In this mode, presets are created with Encore GC and stored in the ECU. The third party remote device triggers the presets by sending the corresponding commands to the ECU.

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Order number: R9004678,R9860202

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