ClickShare Button Manager

ClickShare Button Manager

Remote pairing of ClickShare Buttons

The ClickShare Button Manager is a stand-alone software application to manage your Buttons and all your types of ClickShare Base Units via your computer. Your computer can pair or unpair up to four Buttons at once with a known Base Unit. It is not necessary anymore to physically connect the Button with the Base Unit to pair it. This functionality makes it easy to use any Button with any Base Unit. Different Base Units can be added to the ClickShare Button Manager. These units can be added automatically when on the same network as the computer, or they can be added manually via the downloaded configuration file.

Key specifications:

Supported OS Windows XP / 7 / 8
Mac OS X
Supported ClickShare versions CSC-1 with software or higher
CSM-1 with software or higher
Pairing - Pair Button to the selected meeting room
- Update Button software to the correct Base Unit software version
- Can pair up to 8 Buttons at once
- Unpair Buttons to no longer connect to the meeting room
Base Units All the Base Units on your network
ClickShare Buttons Overview of all Buttons connected to the local laptop

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  • R9861013
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