DISplayer³ eco performance

DISplayer³ eco performance

Ultra high-performance media player for content visualization

Secure & rugged player

  • Passive cooling
  • Industrial components with long lifetime
  • OS stored on solid state drive
  • Longtime availability of spare parts

Developed for 24/7 applications

  • Hacking and virus proof embedded Linux based OS
  • Soft- and hardware watchdog (reboots system in case of failure)
  • Auto-reboot & auto-restore content in less than 90 seconds

Other features 

  • Compatible with almost any type of display
  • Compatible with popular media/content formats
  • Easily extendable (WiFi® card, TV-tuner, etc.)

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Order number:

  • GE10P.0200
    (DISplayer³ eco performance)

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