DISplay Studio

DISplay Studio

Digital signage software

At Barco we are committed to deliver stable, efficient and trustworthy digital signage technology and that's why we developed a unique software platform. The DISplay Studio software platform consists of the Page Editor, API Editor and IDS Server and allows you to create and distribute attractive and dynamic content in a professional way. The platform is fully scalable and can be used for small (less than 5 displays) as well as large (up to 1000 displays) installations.

Page Editor: content creation

The easy-to-use Page Editor software provides you with all the necessary tools to create attractive and dynamic content for your display information system – from basic texts and images to videos and flash objects. What you see on your computer monitor is what you will get on your displays or LED billboards.

IDS Server: content distribution & scheduling

Once the content is created, it has to be mapped out to the displays. The IDS Server controls the players remotely, so content can be adjusted at any time and any place. In addition, your content can be shared among several users.

API Editor

The API Editor goes beyond the possibilities of the Page Editors and allows you to edit pages manually. It also supports Event API which you can use to create interactive pages that support user input (keyboard, mouse, touch screen,…). The program automatically applies syntax coloring and offers the option to check for syntax errors. API Editor provides information about API function parameters, so data can be inserted more easily. Parameters that were inserted before will be recognized automatically and functions and parameters can be auto-completed.



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