Coronis Fusion 10MP

Coronis Fusion 10MP

10 MegaPixel wide-screen diagnostic grayscale display system

Nothing less than filmless perfection; that's what you can expect from the Coronis Fusion 10MP display system.

Ultra-precise grayscale imaging

Equipped with proprietary 'SmoothGray' technology for a meticulously rendered grayscale curve, the Coronis Fusion 10MP makes subtle details and lesions more noticeable than ever before. Add to this exceptionally high brightness and contrast levels, truly dark blacks and perfect geometry and you begin to understand that supreme grayscale precision has a new meaning.

Seamless 30-inch desktop

Thanks to the seamless 30-inch LCD screen, you can easily compare prior and current mammography images without the annoyance of a central bezel. Moreover, it allows you to review X-ray chest images or 40 full-resolution CT or MR images with superb diagnostic precision on a single screen.

Worry-free Quality Assurance

The integrated I-Guard sensor makes Quality Assurance an easy job. Combined with the online MediCal QAWeb solution, I-Guard performs intervention-free DICOM calibrations, Quality Assurance tests and remote assessment of your display.

5-year warranty, zero worries

No more worries about unscheduled downtime or unexpected expenses. Coronis Fusion 10MP comes with a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

An ideal solution for:

• CR/DR (chest, orthopedics, pediatrics,...) • CT (up to 40 full-resolution images)
• Digital mammography
• MRI (breast,...)


10 MegaPixel resolution
(4,096 x 2,560) 30-inch screen diagonal Grayscale display Integrated front-of-screen sensor MediCal QA software
included Ultra-smooth grayscale
precision Anti-reflective protective front cover Seamless wide-screen desktop Uniform Luminance
technology Integrated Ambient Light Compensation 10 bit Look Up Table Standard 5-year warranty Designed and assembled with special attention for the protection of our environment DisplayPort ready

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ECR 2015

04 March 2015 - 08 March 2015
Austria Centre Vienna - AUSTRIA

ITEM 2015

17 April 2015 - 19 April 2015
Pacifico Yokohama - JAPAN

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