Nio Color 3MP LED (MDNC-3321)

Nio Color 3MP LED (MDNC-3321)

3MP high-bright pathology display system

Nio Color 3MP LED is a 3 MegaPixel high-bright color display system with LED backlights, providing excellent image quality for accurate viewing of pathology images.

Confident color reading

Equipped with high-bright LED backlights, Nio Color 3MP LED delivers excellent brightness and more shades of gray to detect subtle details more quickly. The unique front-of-screen sensor ensures you see consistent and precise images at all times.

On-demand image quality checks

The front-of-screen sensor on Nio Color 3MP LED, which works seamlessly with Barco's online MediCal QAWeb solution for automated Quality Assurance and on-demand calibration, guarantees that the quality of your images remains table over the years and across your telepathology network.

An excellent investment

Using energy-efficient LED backlights, Nio Color 3MP LED is as low in power consumption as it is high in brightness. Because it uses less power, the display produces less heat and requires less cooling, which impacts maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, the LED backlights offer a long lifetime - even at high brightness - providing an excellent return on your investment.


3 MegaPixel resolution (1,536 x 2,048) 21-inch screen diagonal Color display Long lifetime LED technology Designed and assembled with special attention for the protection of our environment. Front sensor for stabilized luminance Uniform Luminance
technology Backlight Output Stabilization MediCal QA software
included 30 bit Look Up Table DisplayPort ready Anti-reflective protective front cover Usable in portrait and
landscape mode Standard 5-year warranty

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