Coronis Fusion 6MP LED (MDCC-6230)

6MP pathology display system with LED backlights

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Coronis Fusion 6MP LED can be used as two seamless 3MP heads or one wide-screen 6MP display. Addressing the needs of both grayscale and color imaging, the Coronis Fusion 6MP allows you to read multiple images side by side on a single screen.

More shades of gray

Equipped with high-bright LED backlights, Barco's Coronis Fusion 6MP renders more JNDs (Just Noticeable Differences) to help you see more shades of gray. Subtle details become more noticeable more quickly, significantly reducing windowing and leveling time.

Uniform brightness

ULT-LED removes panel noise and renders uniform DICOM images from center to corner. With I-MST (Intelligent Multi Sensor Technology), front-of-screen, backlight, ambient light and temperature sensors work together seamlessly to optimize image quality and to keep it consistent over time.

Small footprint, long lifetime

Using power-efficient backlights, Barco’s 6MP display system is as low in power consumption as it is high in brightness. Additionally, Barco’s LED backlights are mercury-free, produce less heat, and last longer, providing a high return on your investment.

This display system includes:

  • A 6MP color flat panel display
  • MediCal QAWeb software for automated calibration and Quality Assurance
  • A high-speed, high-performance display controller


6 MegaPixel resolution (3,280 x 2,048) 30-inch screen diagonal Seamless wide-screen desktop Color display Grayscale display Long lifetime LED technology Integrated front-of-screen sensor MediCal QA software
included Uniform Luminance
technology Ultra-smooth grayscale
precision Integrated Ambient Light Compensation 30 bit Look Up Table DisplayPort ready Standard 5-year warranty Designed and assembled with special attention for the protection of our environment Anti-reflective protective
front glass

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