Vista 4500

Vista 4500

Networked multi-function console

Vista 4500 is Barco’s latest family of multi-function consoles offering an ergonomic rugged working position for the most demanding sonar, Command and Control, systems control or situational awareness applications. The Vista 4500’s modular approach makes it ideal for integration into various Combat Information Center (CIC) applications on board surface ships or submarines.

Barco’s Vista 4500 consoles are fully network capable, so they successfully address the needs of modern CIC rooms, where reduced manpower and low cost of ownership are of utmost importance. Networked visualization makes it possible to visualize any real-time data anywhere in the CIC room and offers utmost flexibility, redundancy and survivability.

The Vista 4500 console includes Barco’s RDDS-2 radar solution as well as Barco’s networked video streaming and recording options.

Barco's Vista 4500 comes in two configurations:

Barco's Vista 4500 networked multi-function consoleVista 4500-E: multi-function console featuring advanced and expandable computing based on the PICMG1.3 computer form factor (PCIexpress and PCI extension slots). The Vista 4500-E console is highly cost-effective and fit for a full range of Command and Control applications.



Barco's Vista 4500 networked multi-function consoleVista 4500-R: multi-function console featuring expandable computing to support up to 10U of 19” rackable computer configurations (VME, cPCI multi-processor configuration).



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