High-resolution, wide-screen rugged display

Barco's HD-30 is a wide-screen rugged display that is ideal for use inside mobile shelter or naval environments. With its 30-inch size, the HD-30 makes the biggest single-operator display that is still ergonomically efficient. 

The HD-30 delivers bright and crisp graphics and video and allows you to perform accurate mission planning and present digital maps in their native resolution. The HD-30 uses highly accurate Infrared technology to support dual touch gestures (zoom, rotate...) and allows interaction with finger tips, gloves or stylus.

Next-generation technologies

The new generation features power-efficient LED backlights, highly accurate Infrared technology and ultra-fast image rendering. Its energy-efficient LED backlights produce less heat and ensure minimal power consumption while the fan-less and fully sealed (IP64) design ensures noiseless operation to improve operator comfort. 

Designed for use in mission-critical environments

With its fast LCD response time (ca. 12 ms), the HD-30 renders fast-moving images with vivid accuracy. The wide viewing angle (178°) offers optimum viewing comfort when multiple viewers are involved. Barco's HD-30 display is fully MIL-qualified in terms of vibration, shock and EMI/EMC, so it easily withstands the harsh environmental conditions of a typical mobile shelter or naval environment.


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13 April 2015 - 15 April 2015
Gaylord Convention Center - USA

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