Preconfigured multi-format presentation switcher

The preconfigured FSN3G-1004 is a fully integrated multi-screen presentation system that simplifies system interconnections, setup and control while providing advanced features for presentations with up to four independent screens.

Up to ten input sources

With the FSN3G-1004, users can select up to ten input sources from a wide range of video and computer formats. Each channel operates independently and accepts any analog computer or video signal on HD-15 connectors, DVI signals on DVI-I connectors and SD/HD/3G video on BNC connectors. A custom algorithm automatically and rapidly locks each channel to the selected input video source. For genlocked sources, the delay through each scaling channel is one frame.

Anything in, anything out

The FSN3G-1004 includes four scalable independent outputs (DVI, analog, SMPTE 3G/HD/SD, BarcoLink SDI) that can run at different formats and resolutions. They can be selected from a wide range of standard formats and can be vertically genlocked to the system’s internal sync or free-run. Resolutions and timings can be customized as well. When the system’s total output capability is combined with its input capability, it operates as a powerful multi-channel “anything in, anything out” system.

Monitor with multiviewer

The multiviewer (MVR) is a fully integrated monitoring solution that enables you to monitor up to 16 video signals, comprised of any connector for each output. In addition to video sources, the MVR can also display a real-time clock (RTC) or timecode from the MVR card’s LTC input connector.

Simple setup and control

The FSN3G-1004 is controlled from an intuitive user interface program running on a PC or Mac for simplified system setup, adjustment and control. Up to 1000 memory registers (including information on sources, destination effects and transition rates) can be stored in the system, simplifying complex control sequences during live events.

Based on Barco's FSN-1400, the FSN3G-1004 can be upgraded to the full FSN system.FSN 1004 configuration

I/O compatibility with sources up to WUXGA (1920x1200) scalable system

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Fully configurable, 3G-ready multi-format switcher

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