MatrixPRO-II 16x16 DVI router

MatrixPRO-II 16x16 DVI router

Affordable DVI router with HDCP support

The MatrixPRO-II 16x16 DVI router is an HDCP compliant video signal matrix router that can switch any of the 16 DVI inputs to any or all of the 16 outputs. Any input source, whether it‘s an HD-DVD player, Blu-ray player or a computer with high-resolution graphics, can be routed to a DVI or HDMI (via an adaptor) output digital display.

Monitoring output

The MatrixPRO-II 16x16 DVI router accepts inputs up to 2,048 x 1,080 (including 1,920 x 1,200) resolutions. Each input is re-clocked as it passes through the router maintaining the DVI signal strength. Each channel can be programmed with unique EDID information based on the system requirements. In addition to the 16 outputs, the router includes a monitoring output to which any input can be routed to and allows users to monitor and verify the input signal before it is switched to the output. 

With integrated test pattern generator

An integrated test pattern generator allows users to diagnose and solve any installation issues that may arise. The test pattern is available with or without any valid input signals. An optional redundant power supply is also available, enhancing the unit’s reliability. The additional supply shares the load during the unit’s operation, extending the lifetime of your power supplies.

Compatible with the other Barco image processing products

The MatrixPRO-II DVI-16x16 routers can be controlled in various ways:

  • MatrixPRO-II 16x16 DVI front panel
  • Encore and ScreenPRO-II controllers via Ethernet allowing for easy integration into the
  • Barco Encore family of products
  • Integrated web page server
  • GUI program running on a windows PC

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