MatrixPRO-II analog series

MatrixPRO-II analog series

Analog wideband matrix switchers

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

Flexible switching

Barco's MatrixPRO-II series features bandwidth greater than 600 MHz @ -3 dB with  +/- 1.0dB flatness to 300 MHz. This high bandwidth and flat frequency response allows for image switching and signal distribution without artifacts. All models feature a genlock input, ensuring that all switching is synchronized with the house sync. A user-selectable RGB delay mode allows down-stream equipment to lock to a new signal before anything is visible on the screen. Up to 32 presets can be stored for easy system reconfiguration. 

I/O grouping and split mode switching

Barco's MatrixPRO-II series also features I/O grouping and split mode switching, which allows the matrix to be divided into smaller sub-switchers and each color channel to switch independently.

Easy control

The MatrixPRO-II routers can be controlled from the front panel, RS-232, or Ethernet connections. All models are controllable from Barco's Encore and ScreenPRO-II presentation systems, which results in an easy and integrated workflow.


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