MatrixPRO Serial digital series

MatrixPRO Serial digital series

The MatrixPRO Serial Digital Series offers two models for routing of SDI and HDSDI video signals.

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

The MatrixPRO HD-SDI model allow users to route either HD-SDI or SDI signals. The SDI unit will only pass SDI signals. Each input and output is individually isolated. These inputs can be switched to any one or all outputs with no crosstalk or signal noise between channels. All models are SMPTE 259M compliant for inputs. The HD-SDI models are also SMPTE 292 M compliant for input sources.

Units are rack-mountable and  can be controlled remotely with the MPR-C216. Both units come standard with an easy to operate front panel interface for simple input and output selection. Both units can also be connected to an optional Remote Control interface for input and output selection. An Ethernet port for IP control is featured on all units.

The MatrixPRO Serial Digital Series features the grouping matrix that allows the router to be divided into smaller sub switchers, making for easier installation and control. I/O grouping allows specific outputs to be grouped together, such as those for all HD-SDI formats. All models feature Vertical Interval Switching for all input channels.

The MatrixPRO routers are designed to work effortlessly with our other Barco Video Processing products like the Encore as well as stand-alone for custom applications.


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