Dual-channel true seamless switcher

This product is no longer available.
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Front panel control
Display section
  • Four (4) line, 128x32 VFD Display
  • Menu navigation via rotary encoder knob, Select/Escape buttons
Inputs sectionTen buttons select the corresponding input source, or the stored LOGO image, to be placed on program after the TAKE button is pressed. There are three button states:
  • Off: The source is not currently on program
  • Blinking: The source has been selected and will be placed on program after the TAKE button is pressed
  • Yellow: The source is on program.
Effects section
  • FRZ: Instantly freezes the current image that is on program.
  • BLK: Cuts the program to black
  • KEY: The key source will transition to/from program, after the TAKE button is pressed
  • TAKE: Transitions the selected source or KEY at the pre-selected rate.
Six analog inputs via HD-15 VGA connectors
  • Supports YPbPr, RGBHV, S-video and composite
  • 10-bits/color sampling at maximum 170 MHz
  • True pixel mapping (1:1) for signal resolutions up to 1600x1200@60 Hz. Sources with higher pixel rates (1920x1080p@60, 1920x1200@60 and 2048x1080p@60) are also supported.
Two digital or analog inputs via DVI-I connectors
  • 8-bit digital input per DDWG 1.0 with HDCP support.
  • RGBHV data via analog pins of the DVI-I connector
  • The digital source will be processed if valid DVI signals are detected. The Analog source can be selected via the front panel menu.
Serial digital input (HD/SD SDI) via BNC connector
  • SD SDI per SMPTE 259M-C (NTSC/PAL resolution)
  • HD SDI per SMPTE 292M (HDTV)
  • Program output in digital format on the DVI-I connector and in analog format on the HD-15 connector.
  • Progressive resolutions at RGBHV
  • HDCP Encryption support for DVI signals
EthernetRJ-45 connector for 10/100Base-T Ethernet communications
Serial RS-232DB-9 connector for communicating with external serial devices

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