FSN series

FSN series

Fully configurable, 3G-ready multi-format switcher

Barco's FSN series is a high-resolution 3G enabled switcher that combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching in one highly integrated unit. The FSN integrates input conversion, multi-viewing, digital video effects and output conversion into a single 6 RU chassis.

Full integration

By seamlessly integrating multiple video and computer graphics formats on a common platform, the FSN series provides a streamlined package that's modular, easy to operate, and easy on your budget. The FSN allows control of two full mixer-effect (M/E) busses from its control panel as well as the program mixer. Additional auxiliary output cards can be installed for up to 16 AUX outputs, 8 additional mixers, or multi-format outputs and blending.

Available models

The FSN-1400 ships with the System and Mixer/Effects cards pre-installed in the chassis. Additional cards are added to the FSN-1400 to meet the specific application requirements. In addition to the user defined custom configurations, the FSN-1400 is available from the factory in five pre-configurable models: 

  • FSN3G-1004: FSN-1400 with 5xUIC, MVR, 2xUOC
  • FSN3G-1802: FSN-1400 with 1xNIC, 5xUIC, 2xDVE, MVR, 1xUOC, 1xNAC
  • FSN3G-1804: FSN-1400 with 1xNIC, 5xUIC, 2xDVE, MVR, 2xUOC
  • FSN3G-2002: FSN-1400 with 1x NIC, 6x UIC, 2x DVE, MVR, 1x UOC, 1x NAC
  • FSN3G-2004: FSN-1400 with 1x NIC, 6x UIC, 2x DVE, MVR, 2x UOC
Additional custom configurations are available from the factory (BTO) upon customer request.

In addition to the FSN-150 controller, the FSN-1400 can be controlled from the FSN-GC, a graphical interface program that can run from a Windows or Mac PC. The FSN-GC can run standalone or in parallel with the FSN-150 providing backup capability to the system.
I/O compatibility with sources up to WUXGA (1920x1200) scalable system number of layers in the device downstream key exceptional number of effects possible

See this product in action

Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

Available modules

Compact Controller

Order number: R9004623

Video Processing Chassis

Order number: R9004641

FSN Color touch screen display

Order number: R9004636

Remote control panel for the FSN

Order number: R9004670

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More information

Order number:

  • R9004689
  • R9004729
  • R9004730
  • R9004720
  • R9004721
  • R9004623
    (FSN-150 Compact Controller)
  • R9004641
    (FSN-1400 Video Processing Chassis)

Alford Control Toolkit

Control app for presentation switchers

wireless controller for your Barco presentation switcher - now available in iPad

Wireless controller for your Barco presentation switchers - now available for iPad!

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