Barco’s LD LED display solution wraps all the desirable LED qualities of brightness, dependability, long lifetime and low maintenance into an affordable package that meets all your requirements for dynamic digital signage.

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  • Plug and play display solution

  • With the LD solution, you choose the system you need based on your environment. The solution comes in three screen sizes (120”, 140” and 150”) and two resolutions (8mm and 10mm). Thanks to the elegant integration, LD displays can be used in any facility. Its low depth makes it the ideal large screen display solution to hang on the wall or from the ceiling. Its small footprint ensures optimal use of available floor space.

  • Easy to install, intuitive to use

  • Installing an LD display is a breeze. Everything you need to assemble and operate it is included in the package. Once you have set up the hardware, the display configuration software will guide you through the calibration and configuration of your display. You can define preset configurations for different used at different times. Using LD means you won’t have to change the settings every day just because you need to change the content every day.

  • Seamless images

  • SMD LED technology means exceptional performance for your indoor display. The techniques perfected by Barco provide the very best quality and uniformity of imageLD is a noticeably better display, with an unrivalled image and no trace of seams or lines.

  • Renowned video quality

  • Barco’s renowned image processing technologies, including LED System Color Signature, True Color and True Motion Reproduction have also been implemented in the LD solution. They ensure superb color uniformity and smoother, flicker-free video over the whole lifetime of the display.

  • Perfect pictures

  • Even if you want to communicate in a brightly lit area, LD can cope. The definition is such that short viewing distances are no problem, down as close as three meters (just 10 feet). Off-center viewing is not a problem either. The display gives you high brightness levels up to viewing angles of 145°, horizontally as well as vertically.

  • Endless content options

  • It’s hard to predict what you may want to show your customers. With LD you have the right solution for all your digital signage requirements. Make sure you’re ready to show the highest quality text, images and video and continuously grab people’s attention.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Barco’s LD solution gives you a long lifetime of performance as well as low power consumption and maintenance requirements. You won’t need to replace components as they wear out, unlike some other available technologies , and you won’t find yourself struggling to set up and maintain the display for different uses. With LD, you have an LED solution with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

  • As easy of 1 2 3

  • The LD solution is as easy as 1 2 3. Once you have selected the solution that best meets your digital signage requirements, it virtually rolls into your facility and is ready to fire up and grab people’s attention for years and years. Incorporating the full color LED power of LD into your facility will ensure that you outshine your competitors with large-scale seamless images that really draw attention. LD is the best way to stand out from the crowd, whether you are communicating corporate information, visitor information, promotional or advertising messages.

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