4.66mm pixel pitch, 2,000 nits, true black surface-mounted LED tile

The Barco NX4s is a high-performance indoor LED display offering the deepest black levels available on the market in combination with a extremely high contrast ratio of over 3,500:1. With a light output of over 2,000 nits and native 16-bit color processing, the NX4s is sure to deliver the pinnacle of image quality in any indoor setting. In addition, the lightweight Barco NX4s guarantees a quick and easy installation. 

Extra wide viewing angle

Furthermore, the NX4s offers an extra wide viewing angle and a matte surface, for exceptional picture quality in all circumstances. 

Optional 3D functionality

Full, active 3D capability is available as an option. Due to its full support for 60Hz left/right content at a 120Hz 3D frame rate, this hardware add-on causes no loss in resolution. It reduces the light output loss traditionally associated with 3D to zero. As such, it leads to an outstanding 3D effect that will immerse your audience in amazing content.

pixel pitch of an LED product, measured in mm true black levels ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles color consistency does not change with time modular system architecture

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

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