16mm pixel pitch, 6,000 nits outdoor LED tile for fixed installation

Barco's TF series offers 24/7 reliability at a low cost of ownership. With less power consumption and a lighter weight than similar products, Barco's TF LED displays are a perfect fit for digital signage and sports applications.

Featuring contrast-enhancing shaders

The TF16 features environmentally friendly technologies that reduce light pollution, such as contrast-enhancing shaders that allow for lower brightness and lower power consumption as well as a higher visual performance and a downward angle on its LEDs. This ensures that light is well targeted at your audience and that less excess light is spilled, which leads to a lower power consumption and longer lifetime.

pixel pitch of an LED product, measured in mm exceptional contrast ratio for its class outdoor suitability 
(66 is the highest rating) exceptional energy-efficient and/or ergonomic low total cost of ownership Typhoon 24/7

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Order number:

  • R9004864 (front access)
    (Order number TF-16 front access)
  • R9004865 (back access)
    (Order number TF-16 back access)

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