Modular open-system architecture for real-time avionics

Barco's Modular Open System Architecture (MOSArt) concept has been a mainstay in a wide range of aircraft cockpits for many years. Its modular approach guarantees the best soft- and hardware flexibility and system integration. MOSArt allows you to remain in full control of your intellectual property.

Full avionics modularity. Full IP protection

Based on an ARINC 653-compliant kernel, Barco’s MOSArt platform can integrate many applications into one unit, and has no need for sensitive intellectual property information. In addition, you can assign different criticality levels to each MOSArt partition.

High MTBF, low TCO

As a software platform, MOSArt drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO) and strongly increases the mean time between failures (MBTF) by combining different functions on one HW platform. This stability is of critical importance to the performance of a cockpit’s visual system.

Minimal certification effort and risk

MOSArt comes with a complete certification package up to DO-178B Level A, encapsulating the RTOS’s certification artifacts and clearly marking what tasks the final software integrator will need to perform. Barco has the necessary experience in this field, having performed many EASA- and FAA-product certifications.

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6 x 8 inch Cockpit Head Down Display

Order number: ES100003


Digital Map


6 x 8 inch Multi-Function Display


5 x 4 inch Multi-Function Display


Control Display & Management System


Processing Unit


12 x 9 inch Multi-Function Display


Control Display & Management System


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