Nexxis for OR

Nexxis for OR

IP imaging and audio management platform

Artifact-free images

Nexxis for OR distributes video, graphics, audio and computer data over the IP network, in raw uncompressed format, inside the operating room and even between surgical suites.

Near-zero latency

Whereas most video conversion systems introduce a latency of at least 15 to 20 milliseconds, Nexxis for OR distributes images significantly faster, ensuring perfect hand-eye coordination.

Future-proof performance

Nexxis for OR offers a flexible and scalable platform to easily adopt new technologies and to quickly meet changing imaging requirements in the operating room.


White paper: how Nexxis helps reduce operational costs

Nexxis network switch

Download the white paper synopsis here or request a copy of the full white paper.

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Streaming and recording

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10 June 2013 - Netherlands