Networked audio metering unit

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The NGM-164 is a new solution that enables streaming of analog or digital audio converted into metering data over an IP-network.

The NGM-164 is a new solution that enables the conversion of analog or digital audio into data that represents audio level indication which conforms to most common international standards. The data is then available on a LAN for remote multi-channel level monitoring rendered to screen in Barco Hydra multi-video display units or any application where audio level indication and alarm functionality is required.

The bar graphs can be shown on any of the Barco multi-video display units in the control room. The bar graphs can be configured to suit the operator and can be customized in size, color and position. All popular scales and ballistics are available. The NGM-164 also provides alarm detection for audio loss, over level, out of phase on adjacent pairs and carrier loss.

Additionally, the NGM-164 can be equipped with a monitoring output board providing four pairs of analog and AES/EBU monitoring outputs.

Hot-swappable cards and field programmable flash memory makes the NGM-164 a maintenance friendly design.

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