BlendPRO-II adds widescreen blending capability to the ScreenPRO-II family.

Processing includes data doubling to generate overlapped projected regions as well as edge-feathering of the overlapped images. The amount of data overlap and the edge-feather transfer function are user programmable.

The complete widescreen system consists of the BlendPRO-II, up to four ScreenPRO-II seamless switchers, and the ScreenPRO-II controller. The ScreenPRO-II accepts up to eight (8) universal analog inputs and two DVI signals that can be utilized as unscaled background sources or DSK (Down-Stream-Key). ScreenPRO-II HD also accepts HDSDI signals for scaling. A MatrixPRO router connected in front of the ScreenPRO-II increases the input source capability of the system to 16.


BlendPRO-II allows easy transition from presentations involving independent screens to multiple projector wide-screen presentations.  Input source selection, seamless switching, and image processing control functions are performed by multiple ScreenPRO-II units. The outputs from the ScreenPRO-IIs are fed to a BlendPRO-II which creates data overlap and edge feathering completely transparent to the operator. Test patterns are provided to support projector alignment.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

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