Display Wall Touch System

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With the Digital Vision Touch technology (DViT) from SMART Technologies, Barco's display wall solutions become truly interactive environments in which users can access and manipulate data on a large screen area. Barco's OVTS-50 Display Wall Touch System features SMART's high-precision touch screen technology enabling intuitive finger tip interaction on large-area display content.

SMART's DViT technology is an add-on product integrated at the bottom of the screen. The OVTS-50 system delivers unmatched accuracy and responsiveness and ensures real-time interaction on Barco's 50-inch display wall cubes.

The Display Wall Touch System is ideally suited for collaborative decision making, brainstorming, mind mapping, briefing and training applications. In the whiteboard space, you can write and save notes, save screen captures and interact with content on the display wall.

SMART's DViT technology uses digital cameras and sophisticated recognition algorithms to determine the position of your finger tip and to make a distinction between single clicking, double clicking and drag & drop.


  • Innovative Digital Vision Touch technology
  • Intuitive interaction with display walls
  • Ideal for collaborative decision-making training, briefing and presenting
  • Control over menus, buttons and objects on the display wall
  • Write and save notes in software applications
  • High touch accuracy
  • Fast responsiveness
  • Scalability for large display walls

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

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