Multi-channel blend at full resolution from a single PC or workstation

This standard built-in proprietary technology produces a two- or three-channel blend for passive stereo projection at full resolution from a single high bandwidth PC or workstation (>170 MHz).

As most current graphic boards feature two outputs, one output can be used for the left eye picture and a second for the right eye picture. Linear as well as circular polarization or Infitec can be used to create the stereo effect.

A single high-bandwidth PC or workstation output (>170 Mhz) generates a wide high-resolution image, that is fed to two or three projectors*. Each then selects the area to display - including overlap - using i-Blend™ functionality. Depending on the application, Electronic or Optical Soft Edge Matching can be used.

i-Blend eliminates the need for expensive and bandwidth limiting intermediate image processing boxes. Hence, the projector’s high bandwidth is maintained, resulting in a higher image quality. The exceptional high bandwidth of Barco projectors can easily handle future evolutions in graphic board performance.

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Installed Barco V&AR projectors can be upgraded in the field at travel and installation cost. List of upgradeable projectors is available on request.

* i-Blend™ specifications depend on projector platform. For further information please contact barco.

This product is an option of the following products

Galaxy 12 HB+ (old version)

Stereo dedicated "high brightness" projector with up to 12000 ANSI lumens light output

Order number: R9040370

BarcoReality SIM 6 Ultra

Simulation Dedicated Digital Light Valve Projector with 1600x1200 native resolution

Order number: R9040150

BarcoReality SIM 6 Ultra II

Ultimate performance UXGA LCD projector

Order number: R9040152

Galaxy 9 HC+

Stereo dedicated "high contrast" projector with 1700:1 contrast ratio

Order number: R9040365

Galaxy 7 Classic+

SXGA+, 7 000 lumens three-chip DLP 3D stereo projector

Order number: R9040361

BarcoReality SIM 6 MKII

Dedicated digital light valve projectors for simulation and V&AR

Order number: R9040142

Galaxy 12 HB+

SXGA+, 12 000 lumens three-chip DLP 3D stereo projector

Order number: R9040371

Galaxy 6 Classic+

Stereo dedicated "classic" projector with 1500:1 contrast ratio

Order number: R9040360

BarcoReality SIM 4

Single-chip DLP™ projector designed for immersive applications

Order number: R9040300

Galaxy 4 LL+

Stereo dedicated "long-life" projector with lamp life up to 2000 hours

Order number: R9040355

Galaxy WARP™

Active Stereo DLP™ Projector with Integrated Geometry Distortion

Order number: R9040320


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