SLite 10

SLite 10

Outdoor LED display solution

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This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

The SLite 10 LED display achieves a visual resolution of 10mm versus a physical resolution of 20mm, thanks to Barco’s proprietary Dual Pixel Technology, which doubles the visual resolution of an LED display. Thanks to the high fill factor of the LED components, the SLite 10 LED display can be used for LED displays with relatively short viewing distances. It is the ideal product for outdoor advertising, corporate branding, and many other outdoor LED display applications.
The SLite offers the perfect resolution for such large-scale installations as spectaculars, sports or othe large venue applications.

Combine the best of both worlds to get the best possible picture quality. The SLite can overlay video and data sources in their native quality. No conversion of any kind gives the display the ultimate sharpness of all sources.

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