Ultra-bright, future-proof projection and integrated media server package for screens up to 32m (105ft)

The top-of-the-line and fully DCI-certified, DP2K-32Bx projection and integrated media server package combines the brightest digital cinema projector on the planet with the leading digital media server. The unique DP2K-32Bx will light up screens up to 32m (105ft) wide with its unmatched image brightness, vibrant colors and exceptionally rich contrast levels.

The ultimate 3D machine

Thanks to the projector’s record light output, and the Integrated Media Block’s capability of delivering High Frame Rates 3D at high bit-rates for optimal quality, the DP2K-32Bx is the ultimate 3D machine. Its amazing image quality will create an unparalleled 3D experience for your audience.

Fully integrated and DCI-certified

Digital cinema technology leaders Barco and Doremi bring a complete projection and integrated media server package to the digital cinema industry. This package has been installed, tested and certified in the factory, to offer true turnkey cinema. In this ready-to-use and fully DCI-certified package, Doremi’s Integrated Media Server (IMS) has been incorporated into Barco’s projectors. The DP2K-32Bx package includes a compact Barco digital cinema projector, a 7kW lamp, a cinema-grade lens, a Doremi IMS or Doremi IMB and ShowVault media server including Screen Management Software (SMS) and storage.

Supporting High Frame Rates

Combined with the ShowVault SMS server and storage the DP2K-32Bx system is fully equipped to decode and project standard DCI content. What’s more, it supports 3D High Frame Rates (3D HFR) at high bit-rates for optimum viewing quality, which makes it future proof. In combination with its record-breaking light output, the DP2K-32Bx is the ultimate 3D machine for upcoming 3D HFR releases.

Alternative content

With inputs such as dual DVI, dual 3G-SDI and HDMI, the DP2K-32Bx package is fully ready to play alternative content. The DP2K-32Bx can also handle alternative content encoded in MPEG-2 or H.264, next to decoding 3D live broadcast streams packed with RealD Live or Sensio.

Easy to install and operate

Barco’s projection and integrated media server package has been installed, tested and certified in the factory, to offer true turnkey cinema. It is very easy to set up and operate thanks to its smart modular design and user-friendly software tools.

Low cost of ownership

All core components of the DP2K-32Bx package have been designed for easy serviceability and extended product lifetime. The modularity of the package minimizes downtime, allows for a minimum spare parts stock and speeds up technicians' learning curves, which significantly reduces cost of ownership.


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