Small DLP Barco Alchemy Cinema projector for screens up to 8m (26ft) wide

Digital MicroMirror Device™3 x 0.69” DC2K dark metal devices
Native resolution2,048 x 1,080 pixels
HousingHermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Lamp1.6kW, short-arc Xenon
Light output6,000 lumens (1.6kW lamp)
Screen sizeUp to 8m/26 ft wide (screen gain 1.0 @ 14ftl)
Contrast ratio1,850:1
Prime lensesFully motorized
1.2 - 1.7
1.34 - 1.9
1.5 - 2.15
1.7 - 2.55
2.0 - 3.9
Control I/O3x Ethernet (RJ 45)
8x GPIO (DB 25)
3D interface
USB RS-232 interface (DB9)
Integrated Cinema Media ProcessorJPEG2000 2K & 4K DCI play-out
High Frame Rates 3D up to 120fps (60fps per eye)
JPEG 2000 bit-rates up to 625Mbps
Dual-channel color-correction
MPEG-2 (4:2:0 and 4:2:2 up to 60fps)
2x DisplayPort 1.1a
2x 3G-SDI inputs*
1x multimedia HDMI 1.4a input 2D and PCM audio (BluRay 3D / 4K in testing)*
16x AES/EBU audio channels (2x RJ45)
8x GPI, 8x GPO (4x RJ45)
2x ETH for content connectivity & ingest
2x front-accessible USB 3.0 for fast ingest
2x front-accessible USB 2.0

* in testing
** software roadmap
Integrated storage1.9TB effective storage (RAID-5)
3x 1TB Hot-swappable 2.5" hard-drives
Barco Web CommanderProjector Dashboard
Projector Control Board
Show Player/Editor/Scheduler
Automation, 3D, Ingest
Dynamic DCP playlists & intermission
TMS integration
Smart Projector Status
Via HTML5 web-browsers including iOS & Android tablets
Dual projector passive 3D
Auro 11.1 decoding
Barco CommunicatorProjector installation & configuration
Projector update & maintenance
Power requirements220 V
Projector dimensions (HxWxD)325 x 625 x 910 mm
12.8 x 24.6 x 35.8 inch
Projector weightRecessed handles for easy carrying
56.5 kg / 125 lbs for carrying (lamp-house removed)
(66.5 kg / 147 lbs total weight)
Ambient temperature35°C / 95°F Max.
OptionsBarco CineMate App (iOS & Android) - free
3D add-ons
Touch screen monitor, inc. Barco Commander & Communicator
CineCare Web
Auro 11.1 license**
Dual-projector license
Live 3D***
** In testing
*** Software roadmap

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Request a quote

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Order number:

  • R9004703
    (DP2K-8S without Barco Alchemy)
  • R90047035
    (DP2K-8Sx package with third-party media server)
  • R90047038
    (DP2K-8S Barco Alchemy)
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