BarcoReality SIM 6 MKII

BarcoReality SIM 6 MKII

Dedicated digital light valve projectors for simulation and V&AR

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

The BarcoReality SIM 6 MKII ( BR SIM 6 MKII ) can be equipped with a broad renge of proprietary Application spacific Optimizations (ASO's) for demanding configurations in both simulation and Virtual Reality applications. Compact size and rugged design makes them also perfect for implementation into motion-base platforms.

Barco proprietary options for dedicated application benifits

  • WARP 6™ non-linear image mapping using proprietary bicubic interpolation algorithms: enables high-order pre-distortions electronically, without frame delay
  • Transport Delay Reduction (TDR): to ensure minimal propagation delay between the input signal and the projected image
  • True Motion Reproduction (TMR): motion artifacts compensation and image enhancement to dramatically minimizes smearing inherent to LCD technology
  • Adjustable Scheimpflug correction for tilted projector screen configurations
  • Passive stereo optimized configuration (linear or circular polarization or Infitec™ stereo seperation) for V&AR applications
  • Stereo Switcher™: switches between all three passive stereo seperation technologies

Multi-Channel Optimization

  • Color Gamut Matching (CGM): matched optical components for multi-channel use
  • Gamut Expansion and Matching (GEM)*: increased addressable gamut and more accurate color matching
  • Chromatically matched optical engines with additional DynaColor™ electronic color space transformations for elimination of channel-to-channel color variations
  • Optical Soft Edge Matching (OSEM): edge blending for all brightness levels, including black level
  • Black & White uniformity correction: factory adjustment to ensure excellent color uniformity of the grays, whites and blacks
  • I-Stereo™ for multi-channel, high quality stereoscopic viewing in V&AR applications
    (1) Requires color gamut matching



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