BarcoReality 909

BarcoReality 909

Powerful, ultra-high resolution digital projector with 9" CRTs

This product is no longer available.
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The BarcoReality 909 ( BR 909 ) is the latest and most innovative digital projector offered. Unique digital image adjustments provide
superlative performance in multi-channel setups, on curved screens as well as on flat screens. The advanced digital design features make the BarcoReality 909 the reference in high resolution projection. The BarcoReality 909 is especially designed for demanding applications such as simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D and stereoscopic projection, industrial design as well as military command & control centers (C3I).
Unequalled Flexibility
• Mosaic geometry correction: Flat, Curved, Off-axis
• Digital Image correction optimized for curved screens and multi-channel setups
• Different lenses are available, optimized for a wide range of screen sizes from 2 m (6.6 ft.) to 8.8 m (29ft.) wide, including curved screens
• Digital AutoImage™ automatic alignment system
aligns all geometry and convergence parameters
• Built-in Scheimpflug optical correction, with stepless
adjustment, for optimal optical focus for off-axis projection
• 3D & Stereoscopic optimized phosphors available (upon request)

Very High Resolution Images
The BARCOREALITY 909 renders high resolution large
screen images with unprecedented visual fidelity.
• Compatibility with workstations up to 3,200 by 2,560 pixels.
• Horizontal autolock scan frequency range of 30-180 kHz
• 180 MHz RGB amplifier
• New, ultra-high definition, LC gun 9 inch electromagnetic focus CRTs with digitally controlled dynamic astigmatism guarantee razor sharp images
• TSN™ 6-pole focus astigmatism correction

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