BarcoReality SIM 4

BarcoReality SIM 4

Single-chip DLP™ projector designed for immersive applications

This product is no longer available.
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The BarcoReality SIM 4 is the first single-chip DLP™ projector with SXGA resolution, designed especially for simulation and immersive applications. Thanks to Barco’s Flex 4 geometry distortion technology, which is integrated in the projector’s compact industrial design, the BarcoReality SIM 4 can support virtually any type of curved screen application. For simulation applications, specific attention was given to the requirements of Ship Bridge, Air Traffic Control and Driving simulators.
In Virtual & Augmented Reality, the BarcoReality SIM 4 equips CADWalls™ and analysis and decision centers. Its unique features make it also a valuable alternative to CRT projectors in planetariums.

Exceptional versatility

  • Standard in all SIM 4s is the proprietary FLEX 4™ processor for pre-distortion of images in curved-screen applications (based on Barco’s WARP 6™ technology)
  • Leading-edge geometry distortion range
  • Passive stereo optimized for V&AR (linear or circular polarization)

Multi-channel Optimization

  • Optional, proprietary Optical Soft Edge Matching (OSEM): custom-made optical filters to achieve truly seamless blending for multi-channel systems, maintaining full contrast ratio
  • Chromatically matched optical engines with additional DynaColor™ electronic color space transformations for elimination of channel-to-channel color variations
  • Extended Contrast Ratio: Integrated, optical dimmer for use in night scenery and light output equalization
  • Optional Constant Light Output (CLO) for continuous brightness tracking
  • Optional linked CLO with linked DynaColor™

Superior optics

  • 200 W UHP lamp to produce up to 2000 ANSI lumen
  • Optimized engines achieve contrast ratio >1300:1
  • Standard fitted with a (1.2 - 1.4):1 zoom lens: Flexible positioning through -100% to +100% off-axis adjustable lens mount. Optional 0.92 and 0.7 fixed lenses
  • Standard Scheimpflug Adjustment for use on tilted screen configurations

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  • R9040300
    (BarcoReality SIM 4)

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