Ultra bright QXGA LCoS projector for training and simulation in portrait mode

Powered by LCoS technology, Barco’s SIM 7QP HB was specifically designed for commercial, fast-jet and rotary-wing training applications that require a high vertical field of view. With a typical light output of 2,500 lumens, the SIM 7QP HB is the world's brightest QXGA projector for the training and simulation market.

Eye-limiting resolution without speed limits

With its QXGA (2048x1536) resolution, the SIM 7QP HB delivers razor-sharp images for the ultimate fidelity in simulation training. LCoS technology has the highest pixel-fill factor of all the current display technologies, and produces a smooth-as-silk picture with an extremely small pixel density. Barco’s unique smear reduction technology ensures that speed will not affect the SIM 7QP HB’s superior image quality, or result in flicker or breakup. Furthermore, the stunning contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 ensures deep black levels.

Ready for multi-channel action

The SIM 7QP HB comes equipped with Barco-engineered technologies that make it ready for multi-projector set-ups:

Edge blending technology creates one continuous image without blurry overlap zones where projections converge.
DynaColor and linked constant light output (CLO) ensure the same light and color levels across the entire screen.
Warping (geometry correction) enables accurate projection from different angles and across spherical or curved surfaces. 


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Order number:

  • R92112181
    (Sim7QP HB + QSD(0.8:1))
  • R92112182
    (Sim7QP HB + QSD(1.0-1.4:1))
  • R92112183
    (Sim7QP HB + QSD(1.4-2.0:1))