FL35 series

FL35 series

World's highest resolution LED DLP projector

Barco's FL35 projector has no lamp and no consumables and creates the world’s most stunning image with a pixel precision of 2,560 x 1,600. With its 2nd generation LED illumination system, the FL35 shows the amazing picture at double the resolution and 50 % more brightness than any other LED-illuminated projector, for an unmatched 100,000 hours lifetime of the LED light source. With its 2,560 x 1,600 native resolution, brightness level of up 1,000 ANSI lumens and 24/7 operating time warranted for up to 5 years the FL35 excels in image quality and this LED projector has the highest resolution on the market. The FL35 will improve uptime and drastically reduce maintenance costs, operating costs, and technical resources, making sure you will never compromise the quality of your service. 

Minimal Total Cost of Ownership

With no lamps, our 2nd generation patented solid state ReaLED™ illumination provides up to 100,000 hours of life time expectancy. The projector has no re-calibration requirements, no color degradation and no foreseeable maintenance. This drastically improves your operation up-time and reduces operating costs and technical resources normally required with lamp-based projectors. Additionally, the FL35 has a low environmental footprint with its decreased power consumption. The 2nd generation Solid State LED consumes up to 75% less power compared to products of the same performance. 

Unlimited installation flexibility

As it has no lamps, the FL35 can be placed in any orientation angle. With its comprehensive, and very high- quality projection lens options, and industry standard mounting, it greatly simplifies installations by keeping infrastructure cost down. There is only one cabinet, complete with optics, I/O, processing, and control. The complete system's weight is only 16 kg (35 lbs.), including mounted lens. The rugged projector can easily be integrated onto motion platforms or in simple truss systems in any orientation angle.

Smooth imagery with Smear Reduction Processing™

Our unique frame rate processing and integrated adjustable SRP™ Smear Reduction Processing creates smooth and fluid imagery, perfect for all types of fast moving images.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

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