FS35 IR series

FS35 IR series

World’s highest resolution and brightest LED projector for Night Vision Goggle Stimulation

Barco's FS35 IR series is the world’s highest resolution and brightest LED projector range for unprecedented day, night and IR stimulated simulation. It is available in two models: the 4.1 Megapixel FS35 IR WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600 pixels) featuring the highest resolution NVG stimulated images available, and the FS35 IR WUXGA featuring dual IG input capability for simultaneous RGB + IR imagery thanks to its X-PORT™ DCC120 image processing system. Benefitting from the 2nd Generation ReaLED illumination technology the FS35 IR offers improved IR optics and boosts up to 80% higher intensity in IR, and its optics are purpose designed for IR transmission up to 850nm. Adding to the projector's flexibility, the FS35 IR series can be calibrated for night-time and day-time vision with 0-100% adjustable visible RGB dimming properties. The brightness is fully adjustable on RGB and IR LEDs up to 1,000 lumens, featuring a seamless transition from day to night-time training. 

Smear Reduction Processing

Like all F35 platform projectors, the FS35 IR series projectors feature flicker-free Smear Reduction Processing (SRP™). It does not have to use external filters or shutters - all processing is internal, and user adjustable and configurable. This, combined with up to 120 Hz high frame rate, ensures a smear-free image at any resolution and with any fast-moving content.

High-quality projection lenses

The optics for FS35 IR are purpose designed for IR transmission up to 850nm, and it is all-glass designs using floating aspherical lens elements and ND glass to secure sharpness and focus. At the same time it ensures high ANSI system contrast, not just sequential contrast that is easy to display on sales literature.

Designed for 24/7 operation

As the cooling fans are the only moving components within the projector, these are certified to run around the clock and, providing regular maintenance intervals are followed, we even warrant every model for up to five years of continuous operation. The 2nd Generation LED illumination technology has an operating time of up to 100.000 hours, for the most demanding applications. 

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