Galaxy 4K-23

Galaxy 4K-23

3D stereo, 23,000 lumens, 4K three-chip DLP projector

This product is no longer available, and no longer supported as of 30/04/2019.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

Digital MicroMirror Device™3 x 1.38" DC4K dark metal devices
Native resolution4,096 x 2,160 pixels
HousingHermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Lamp4kW (Xenon lamp)
Light output23,750 lumens (4 kW lamp)
Screen sizeUp to 23m / 75 ft wide
Contrast ratio2,000:1
Digital Video Inputs2 x single-link DVI input (165MHz)
Control I/OEthernet, 8x GPIO, Serial RS232
Prime lensesFixed focal 0.9:1 lens for on-axis usage
1.13 - 1.30 zoom lens
Projector diagnosticsvia PC touch panel
via Communicator control software
via SNMP agent
Power requirements200-240V 30A 50-60Hz
19,000 BTU/hr (with 4kW lamp)
Dimensions604(H) x 754(W) x 1129(D) mm
23.78(H) x 29.69(W) x 44.45(D) inch
NB.: min. 5 cm of air inlet spacing required at the bottom of projector
Weight134 kg (295 lbs)
Ambient temperature35°C / 95°F Max.
Exhaust airflow350 CFM (10 m3/min)
Standard FeaturesCLO (Constant Light Output)
Powerful SNMP agent
Motorized/memorized lens (focus, zoom & shift)
HDCP support
Full 2K triple flash 3D
Active Infitec capabilties (extra license required)
Advanced patented DMD cooling

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