OverView mP50

OverView mP50

50" Display Wall system integrating 3-panel Poly-Silicon LCD technology with XGA resolution.

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This product is no longer available.
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Every OverView mP50 projection cube is a complete rear projection system. Multiple projection cubes can be combined horizontally and vertically to form a display wall of any size. Based on 3-panel Polysilicon projection technology, it features captivating brilliance with respect to colors and out-standing accuracy even for small characters. The incorporated 30-Bit Color Management adjusts all cubes in colors, brightness and contrast to achieve a homogeneous screen. The projector is designed for 24/7 operation.
Perfect Solution for all Fields of Application
• Accurate sharp shapes for data and splendid colors for video
• The screens are selected upon the environmental conditions of the installation site and the operational requirements

Color Management for a Homogeneous Display
• White, red, green and blue can be tuned individually
• Barco’s CAST (Color Adjustment Service Tool) enables automatic and fast color adjustment
• Controlled operational costs with optional lamp leasing program

Carefully Designed Optics
• The encapsulated ventilation and the strictly modular setup of the electrical and optical components guarantee highest reliability
• The lamp module is replaceable within a few seconds without readjustment
• Easy maintenance
• Barco’s e-Maintenance enables internet based maintenance of the projection engines

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  • RSPSI31440
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