MediCal QAWeb Mobile

MediCal QAWeb Mobile

Visual calibration and QA for your tablet

Fast calibration and Quality Assurance 
MediCal QAWeb Mobile runs visual calibration and dynamic QA on mobile devices. The result? DICOM-quality image representation and verification on any mobile tablet.

Accurate images everywhere
QAWeb Mobile provides medical professionals with the most accurate images and an unrivaled level of confidence. When used with an authorized* viewing application, QAWeb Mobile even allows diagnostic reading when a workstation is not available.

Quick application development 
This ready-to-use QA and calibration tool allows business partners to focus on their core business, freeing up time and resources for product development. Additionally, the QAWeb Mobile methodology is covered by an FDA Master File, facilitating faster development of mobile viewing applications. Referencing the FDA Master File will reduce the regulatory effort for FDA clearance significantly.

QAWeb mobile screen 

Try it!

Download a free trial version of QAWeb Mobile from the App Store and use it with a licensed mobile viewing application on iPad 1 and iPad 2, trademarks of Apple Inc. This trial version provides full functionality.

* Third party application that has obtained all required registrations and certifications, such as FDA 510(k).

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