OverView EVD-4621

OverView EVD-4621

46" near-seamless LCD video wall

  • Space-saving display wall solution
  • Lower heat output than traditional lamp-based systems
  • Long panel life as LED backlights reduce burn-in and colorations
  • Stable colors across the entire video wall
  • Exceptionally narrow bezel resulting in very small seams
  • Easy to install, service and maintain thanks to front access
  • Eco-friendly and durable solution as LEDs contain no mercury and are energy-efficient

Tiled LCD technology - the right choice for your control room:

  • Unlike front projection, tiled LCDs require less maintenance costs, have a better contrast ratio and are not influenced by ambient light.
  • Unlike plasma technology, tiled LCDs require less power consumption and are not subject to permanent, irreversible burn-in.
  • Unlike normal-bezel LCD displays, tiled LCDs offer more scalability, minimize bezel distraction and allow optimal usability of the screen surface with high resolution.
  • Unlike lamp-based LCD displays, tiled LCDs with LED backlights offer more brightness, optimal image quality and a high life expectancy.

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