TransForm N 4/8/16-channel DVI Input Node

TransForm N 4/8/16-channel DVI Input Node

High density multi-channel full framerate DVI encoder

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

Barco’s multi-channel DVI Input Node is a standalone appliance encoding and delivering the applied input signals across Ethernet for decoding and displaying on TransForm N output nodes supporting JP2K decoding.

Features and benefits

  • Full 24bits processing, RGB4:4:4 sampling
  • Best effort encoding of image with resolutions up to 2560x1600 at 30Hz
  • JP2K encoding and multi-stream packetization enable high-end performance resulting in the visualization of up to 64 sources per display
  • Intelligent shelf management helps to ensure a high uptime while minimizing noise and safeguarding the system
  • Dual gigabit/s Ethernet interfaces allow deployment with redundant networks
  • Easy configuration and status review by means of an easy to use web interface
  • Hot swappable active components and rear-accessible passive connection board ensure high availability and low MTTR

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015


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Order number:

  • R9832306_DL4
    (TFN J2K 4 ch DLDVI)
  • R9832306_DL8
    (TFN J2K 8 ch DLDVI)
  • R9832306_SL8
    (TFN 8 J2K ch SLDVI)
  • R9832306_SL16
    (TFN J2K 16 ch SLDVI)