Control room management suite

Side view of operator at Polk CountyBarco’s CMS-200 software is an advanced control room management suite which allows for easy display wall management, efficient collaboration and fast decisionmaking in and beyond any control room. This software suite provides operators and decision-makers with easy access to video, images and data, and allows them to connect to this information, to configure how it is displayed, and to collaborate in the most efficient way.

Key features

  • Easy and timely access to any information (video, images or data), anywhere
  • Any display, from workstation to video wall
  • No use for AV switches and proprietary cabling
  • Easy sharing within and beyond the control room
  • Hardware independent
  • Possibility to create user-defined lay-outs (perspectives)
  • Use of industry-standard hardware acceleration
  • Future-proof: versatile and scalable system can be adapted to changing needs
  • Secure user access control and encrypted communication
  • Ongoing operation thanks to redundant solution (automatic failover)
  • CMS iPad App for even more flexible content control of video walls

Seamless and risk-free integration into your control room

Barco's CMS suite is a hardware independent, networked visualization software package which seamlessly integrates into your control room environment. CMS relies on industry standard networks, application servers, software, decoding technologies, workstations and video walls. The risk-free approach of combining proven technology with a networked architecture gives your control room system an unmatched flexibility and availability. 

Customers who have invested in a VMS or PSIM solution, can also benefit from the open API in CMS, which allows the software to fit into the leading situational awareness applications.

All-round control room management

Barco's CMS monitoring and collaboration software proves its power in various control room type of environments. From Traffic and Surveillance scenarios to Utilities, Process Control, C4I and Broadcast uses, Barco's CMS suite allows operators to make the most of their complex networked control room environment.

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