Cave displays

Cave displays

Multi-walled stereoscopic environments

A large five-sided cave display

A cave display is a multi-sided immersive environment that offers great levels of immersion. Barco cave displays can have any number of sides, ranging from two to six, in any size you want. Furthermore, caves are completely customizable to your specific demands, and can be a fixed or transportable installation with rigid or flexible screens, high or lower resolutions, with active or passive 3D, or even both.

Full immersion for advanced research

Research institutes around the world rely on Barco’s visualization technology for the creation of full immersive environments that surround experts and students completely with virtual imagery. Barco can even provide rear-projected floor projections, for even more compelling VR experiences. Our knowhow of all components, including projectors, screens and controllers, makes Barco and its partners the safest choice to build the multi-walled environment that best fits your needs.

 Three-sided cave display, for research purposes

Archeology in 3D, with a two-sided cave display

Available modules

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