Curved display walls

Curved display walls

Curved high-resolution stereoscopic environments

Barco's curved display walls are a great choice to immerse a larger audience into a wealth of virtual content. The possibility to show 3D stereo content even adds to the total experience. This is therefore an ideal solution for universities and research institutes, theaters, and conference centers.

Total configuration freedom

The configuration of a curved display wall is completely up to the customer. Not only the size, but also the resolution, brightness, projectors used, and positioning of projectors (front or rear projection) are customizable. Barco equipment is also open for integration into systems.

Collaborating on an immersive Windows desktop

With a curved display wall, you can visualize multiple sources simultaneously, in any combination of mono and 3D stereo, with an uncompromised image quality. Thanks to Barco's XDS Control Center software suite, you control all local and networked sources with your mouse and keyboard in a familiar Windows environment. You can compare multiple 3D stereo sources in a window while videoconferencing with remote colleagues or comparing the data to a spreadsheet.

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