A powerful tool to automatically re-align Barco's visual display systems

Setting up and maintaining a multiple projector display system can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Barco's new AutoAlign suite, fully integrated for the training markets, provides an automated re-alignment system for projection displays. It enables you to quickly and easily maintain a multiple projector system with minimal user intervention, assures consistent image quality over time, and guaranees Barco quality on color and resolution. Advanced technology allows you to perform repeatable and accurate re-alignments that exceed typical human performance standards.
  • Acuras is the part of Barco's AutoAlign suite that takes care of the projectors' color and luminance uniformity adjustments. It uses a spectrometer system  for accurate measurements, defining common color triangle settings for all channels and re-aligning the display to one of the previously stored golden alignments.
  • OmniBlend automatically applies electronic soft edge matching on blend zones through projector alpha planes, so brightness and color variations across the blend zones are minimized. It does automatic electronic edge-blending from scratch when no optical blend plates are used. OmniBlend works with typical cockpit obstructions or a "cockpit in" environment.
  • AutoGeometry measures the Golden Alignment as reference for future use against references like LDATS dots or slide projector dots. It realigns the display to a previous stored Golden Alignment using Barco's projector warping electronics (including swap units). AutoGeometry supports multiple AutoAlign heads and/or locations, and both front/rear and flat/curved screen surfaces.
  • The Sensor Head combines laser reference point, spectrometer and high-resolution visual camera into a single sensor package. Through high-precision gimbals, accurate angular positioning is guaranteed. A reduced amount of captures are needed thanks to the use of a wide angle camera. Furthermore, accurate color and brightness measurements are assured by using a small field of view spectrometer.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015

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