External warping, blending and color matching

The MCM-100s brings Barco's rewarded multi-channel features to an external device. This interface allows geometry correction, color correction, and electronic blending on corporate HD or WUXGA projectors, with a real-time on-screen user interface and the performance known from Barco’s higher end simulation projectors.

The MCM-100s handles both mono and stereo sources up to 120 Hz. Stereo sources can be connected with a single active stereo signal or by means of a left and right passive stereo signal. Lower frame rate active stereo sources at e.g. 60Hz can be upscaled to 120 Hz to avoid flicker. Multiple MCM-100s can be synchronized to easily allow multi-channel stereo displays. 

Multiple options to connect

A twin Dual link DVI-D input and two extra input layers for additional inputs (such as DVI/D15 or analog RGBHV) are by default part of the MCM-100s’ basic package. Its dual link DVI output follows synchronously the selected input source.

The MCM-100s can be controlled by means of an IR remote control or through IP - by means of the optional XDS-Racu software suite. The latter can control a complete display with multiple MCM-100s’s, driving several Barco RLM W-series projectors, from a single control PC.

Suitable for all environments

  • Corporations: multi-channel based meeting rooms, both flat and curved
  • Training displays as used in naval, driving and ATC simulators
  • 3D visualization as used in automotive, oil & gas, scientific research and urban planning
  • Theme parks
automatic geometric image correction across curved surfaces 1920x1080 resolution 1920x1200 resolution 3D stereo color consistency does not change with time

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015


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