Remote control for multi-projector display systems

The XDS-RACU controller forms the heart of any modern realignment system, and in particular Barco’s AutoAlign product suite. It was designed to work together with other products of the suite, which renders color calibration, brightness equalization, warping and blending much more efficient.

Set all parameters

Compatible with most of Barco’s projector offering, the XDS-RACU allows you to define projector groups and calibrate all display parameters. This includes settings for color and brightness equalization, geometry correction and smearing reduction as well as time of day (TOD) settings to seamlessly transition from day to night training.

Full backup

Barco’s XDS-RACU supports a full system backup and diskless operation in high-security environments. The XDS-RACU automatically detects projector types and locations, and downloads its display parameters.

You can also store various control and projector parameters in a central location to considerably reduce MTTR or get backup projectors running in no time, with all the settings of your previous system. As these settings are saved on your control unit as well as your projector, you effectively have a foolproof backup.

Whether you need to control a single visualization environment or multiple display centers, the XDS-RACU gives you the power and flexibility to manage your visual system unlike any tool on the market today.


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