RP-360 dome

RP-360 dome

360° immersive dome setup for flight training

Barco's RP-360 is a future-proof response to the ever-growing need for realism, with the most accurate image quality on the market today, and the only system to offer full 360° immersion with rear projection.

At a glance

  • 13 or 14 projectors
  • Contrast up to 25:1
  • Resolution better than 4 arcmin/OLP
  • 10ftL brightness
  • can fit in rooms down to 15ft high

Barco's RP-360 is designed from the ground up with Barco technology. Our powerful design tools allow us to accurately predict the system's ideal setup and performance, and feedback from the field allows us to improve our process each time. The dome's entire mechanical structure, projection and screen technology are all Barco-designed, with in-depth know how of simulation setups all over the world.

Superior design, better realism

Barco designs the dome's screens with a special coating that increases its overall image quality, while the system's spherical shape provides the pilot in training with constant eye relief. There is no disturbance from any type of front projection. Furthermore, the standard projector that drives Barco's RP-360 is a native 10 megapixel projector with liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) technology. It features the following dedicated technologies for multi-channel setups:

  • DynaColor: automatic color calibration across channels
  • Linked constant light output: brightness equalization across channels
  • Edge blending: creates one seamless composite image
  • Warping: precise geometry correction for curved surfaces
  • Smearing reduction: handles fast-moving imagery effortlessly

Flexible for day and night

Night scenarios play an increasingly important role in training. Barco's RP-360 dome makes a realistic night training experience possible due to its high contrast, and its projectors' increased infra-red optimizations. Pilots with night vision goggles can see true-to-life halo and blooming effects, and gain life-saving experience for future missions.

Extended uptime

Barco's RP-360 dome was designed with service in mind. Projectors can be rolled in and out easily for quick part replacements or check-ups, and our laser diode array trackers (LDAT) indicate the right spot for the projection to be mapped. Barco has also developed an entire set of alignment tools that make system setups easier, quicker and repeatable with predictable results.

What else is on your radar?

In addition to the classic RP-360 setup with thirteen or fourteen projectors and 360° immersion, Barco offers customizable concepts. These include a similar setup with thirteen 3 megapixel projectors, or domes with a field of view varying between 180° and 300°.

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