Large training and simulation dome

Barco’s Large Training & Simulation Dome (LTSD) system provides pilots in training with a large, spherical, wide field of view and constant eye relief to guarantee an immersive training experience as realistic as possible.

Large dome simulator for a wide range of applications

Containing ten or more projectors, the LTSD creates one complete ultra-high resolution image. Barco’s LTSD guarantees the lowest smearing levels in the industry, which makes it suitable for any type of simulation and training application that requires fast-moving imagery. This includes fast-jet, rotary wing and driving training, among others. In addition, Barco’s LTSD can be fully networked for group training and distributed mission operations.

Seamless multi-channel imagery

Rather than having to call on different companies for each component of your display system, Barco ensures maximal synergy between the screen and the projectors through its own wide range of products.

Barco projectors typically used in the LTSD possess unique features that make them excellent choices for multi-channel setups:

Edge blending takes care of the overlap zones where projections converge, so that one continuous image is generated without blurry seams.
DynaColor ensures that each projector projects with the same color quality and intensity, to eliminate slight differences in color outputs between projectors.
Linked constant light output (CLO) matches the projectors’ light outputs correctly with one another, which is ideal with projectors of different ages.
Warping technology results in correctly proportioned images across irregular screens or curved displays.


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