Reconfigurable cave displays

Reconfigurable cave displays

Multi-purpose virtual environments

Barco's reconfigurable cave displays bring full flexibility to immersive VR environments. These multi-sided 3D solutions consist of a number of movable screens that can be completely adapted to your needs, answering the challenge of that moment. Such a system can thus be for example a three-sided cave at one moment, and a flat power wall the next by simply straightening the corners. This makes reconfigurable cave displays ideal for changing exhibitions, road shows, science, etc.

Select your components

You are completely free in the configuration of your system. You can not only choose the size, but also the projectors, the screens, and even the number of sides.

Flexibility in arrangements

In order to make it easier to rearrange the screens, reconfigurable cave systems are equipped with an air cushion system (for the rigid screen models) or with super-light framing and mechanics (flexible screen models). The latter can be operated manually or automatically.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2015

10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015


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