XDS Control Center v3 for NH-12, NW-12 or SIM 5W

XDS Control Center v3 for NH-12, NW-12 or SIM 5W

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The XDS Projector Installer is the cornerstone of Barco’s collaboration software. It creates a familiar Windows working environment and allows you to control your sources with mouse and keyboard. XDS displays these sources simultaneously, and with great flexibility.
Through the XDS menu, you can display any type of local or network-connected source, and then move, resize or make it overlap with another source window easily. You can also take control of remote sources directly.

Similarly, you can create and save window layouts, and recall them through the Projector Installer for later use. You can make layout groups, and then cycle through layouts within a group to create a large-screen presentation.

Barco’s XDS Projector Installer offers support for market-leading videoconference equipment. Through the phonebook integrated in the XDS menu, you can dial up a remote location and remain in full control of the collaborative meeting. While videoconferencing runs in one window alongside various important sources, you can achieve results and make decisions in a fully interactive environment.

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