Shengjing Hospital

At the Shengjing Hospital, the largest healthcare institute in northeast China, quality and continuous improvement are a recurrent theme. By introducing a PACS, Shengjing’s management succeeded in increasing efficiency, cutting costs and, above all, further enhancing its medical services, setting an example for other Chinese hospitals.

When the previously installed CRT displays failed to meet the radiologists’ high specifications for faultless accuracy and reliability, the hospital management turned to Barco. Barco duly installed 14 Nio displays. The diagnoses with the new equipment are exceptionally accurate and reliable, thus significantly improving the outcome for patients.

“High-quality diagnostic display technology can literally be a matter of life or death, so it’s key to our team. In fact, we can no longer imagine working without Barco displays,” concluded Liao Wei, Vice-Chief Radiologist at the Shengjing Hospital.

The hospital is so satisfied with the Barco solutions that they’ve recently extended their installation with 20 more Nio displays.

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About this project

Date 11 December 2007
Location Shengjing, China

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