Accurate 3D bio-medical research for Erasmus MC

The Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam uses the latest technologies to help advance research in embryonic development disorders. To aid in this task, it opted for an eight-projector I-Space that immerses researchers in biometric data via V-Scope; a specialized volume rendering application, used to facilitate an intuitive, visual understanding of any volume-based medical image set. To generate the immersive environment needed for a convincing depiction of the sensitive data the Erasmus MC works with, the Barco projectors employ a number of optimizations that render the composite image seamless and free of color or light disturbances. The system has been in use with the Center for several years now, and is still performing reliably. “We now know that research in virtual reality yields results just as reliable as traditional research,” says Christine Verwoerd, MD, PhD Erasmus MC “Improved visualization of the first trimester of pregnancy contributes to a shift of prenatal diagnosis of many congenital abnormalities, and could ultimately result in a new era of embryonic medicine.”

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About this project

Date 12 March 2008
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands

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